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Found: Sinusoidal Princeton Carbonworks WAKE 6560 wheels claim faster, lighter, cheaper By Zach Overholt -March 1, 2018 Ready for another battle of the wind tunnels and white papers? There’s a new wheel company in town, and they’re aiming straight for the top with their first wheel – the WAKE 6560. Started by a group of elite rowers […]

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North American Hand Built Show | Hartford, CT

North American Hand Built Show | Hartford, CT February 16-18 Ahead of NAHBS we teased the unveiling of WAKE [D] 6560 on a stunner BH G7 “Something wicked this way comes.” BH has been instrumental in our photography content, particularly Matt Sodnicar, and this photo becoming our most liked Instagram post to date was a […]

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Triathlete Magazine March/April | Adventure Issue

SWOON | Ivy League Wheels at a State School Price | Princeton CarbonWorks Wheels Will Make Your Head Spin Princeton CarbonWorks’ new carbon clincher wheelset is designed around a rim with 24 sinusoidal oscillations, creating a shape that aims to cut through the wind faster than a standard rim profile.  Alternating between 60 and 65mm […]

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Better Speed

It’s just a memo – about how Princeton CarbonWorks makes you faster. Princeton CarbonWorks #betterspeed Memo “Cyclists don’t want aerodynamic wheels: They want fast, light wheels. Wheel design advanced through carbon fiber pushed the envelope, while unfortunately staying confined by an industry adage “width, depth, weight – optimize one, compromise the others.” This leads to […]

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PRINCETON CARBONWORKS – REINVENTING THE WHEEL 01.04.18 – by Colin O’Brien It’s easy to be dismissive about newcomers to the cycling market. We’ve all seen the woeful pitches on Kickstarter. And the endless articles about new gear, offering the perfect solution to a problem that never existed. But every so often, one comes along that […]

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Better Speed | Princeton CarbonWorks and Hamish Bond | New Zealand TT Champion

Better Speed | Princeton CarbonWorks and Hamish Bond | New Zealand TT Champion *Photo NZ Herald This picture sums up Hamish Bond’s ambition to succeed as a time triallist. He defines determination. His mouth hoovers oxygen, his nose drips sweat, his chin offers a free bungy-jump to a stream of unrepentant saliva. His handlebar grip […]

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Slaying Cycling Giants in the Land of NASCAR | A2 Wind Tunnel Visit #2

December 13, 2017 | Mooresville, NC It isn’t cheap, by the end of two trips with over a dozen wheels, we spent nearly $40,000 in product testing. Trust but verify. Our first visit to A2 ( was a trajectory changing inflection point. Our second visit to A2 was a mission to validate a successful product […]

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The Numbers | A2 Wind Tunnel Visit #1

Mooresville, North Carolina | March 13, 2017 We went into the testing with the attitude of “well, now we figure out if we are full of shit or actually as good as we’ve been telling everybody.”  The results were relief, justification, validation and a point of pride. The Yaw Conversation:  What Really Matters? This is […]

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