Slaying Cycling Giants in the Land of NASCAR | A2 Wind Tunnel Visit #2

December 13, 2017 | Mooresville, NC

It isn’t cheap, by the end of two trips with over a dozen wheels, we spent nearly $40,000 in product testing. Trust but verify. Our first visit to A2 ( was a trajectory changing inflection point. Our second visit to A2 was a mission to validate a successful product transformation from prototype to final. The retail WAKE 6560 tested 7% faster, in time-weighted drag, than the prototype. Not only does that mean that WAKE 6560 distanced itself from Zipp 404, and HED Jet 6+, but it also surpassed Zipp 454, 858, and HED Jet 9+.

WAKE 6560 is faster than Zipp 858 and lighter than Zipp 454. Likewise WAKE 6560 is faster than HED Jet 9+ and lighter than HED Jet 6+.

A2 Wind Tunnel is the foremost independent aerodynamic testing facility in the United States. We tested the list below within the Standard Operating Protocols established and universally subscribed to by the cycling industry:

Princeton CarbonWorks WAKE 6560
HED Jet 6+
HED Jet 9+
Zipp 404
Zipp 454
Zipp 858

0-20 degrees of yaw at 2.5 degree intervals

Interval value is the average of 2 time stamped data collections at each yaw position

Wind speed of 30mph

These controls have been used for dozens of cycling product manufacturers, including the brands we tested against. We used the same Continental Grand Prix 4000 SII 23mm tire for every test – inflated and 2x checked at 100psi – and consistent skewer position on the rig.

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