absoluteBLACK’s | T-Lab | Custom Gravel Bike From Sea Otter

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Custom Gravel Rig for Sea Otter Classic

“We’ve been holding onto this one for a little bit now until we were given the go-ahead to talk about everything on this custom T-Lab titanium gravel bike that was created for absoluteBLACK’s Tony Brandotti…Princeton CarbonWorks Wake 6560 disc wheels were mounted up tubeless with Schwalbe G-One Pro tires in 700×28. The Wake 6560 uses dynamic cross-section variability, or what looks like a bit of a wave pattern. The rim increases height to 65mm at the spokes and lowers to 60mm between them. The unique design was developed over a four year period and has been tested to be faster and lighter than offerings from Zipp. It also predates Zipp’s biomimicry design on the 454 NSW by a year.”



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