Simply Undeniable: The Princeton CarbonWorks Team

Simply Undeniable: The Princeton Carbon Works Team

At the core of Princeton CarbonWorks is our Founder, Marty Crotty, and three Co-Founders, Brad Werntz, Harrison Macris, and Paul Daniels.  We are eager to tell you how we came together to design and develop our technology, create our company and create the Wake 6560.

Five years ago, Marty Crotty, a collegiate rowing coach, former member of the US National Rowing Team, and iron distance age-group triathlete, realized that great wheels were just too damn expensive.  Instead of lusting over wheels that he couldn’t afford, he had the crazy idea to use his contacts in the carbon composite manufacturing industry to make his own aerodynamic bicycle wheels.  He recruited the most intelligent, toughest, no nonsense mechanical and aerospace engineer who had ever rowed for him to design a wheel that they could bring to life.

Brad Werntz, a hard-nosed undeniable who rowed for Marty on the under 19 World Championship rowing team and for Princeton University, was immediately keen on the idea.  However, he did not want design “just another aero wheel.”  Instead, he wanted a totally original wheel that would utilize all of his expertise in mechanical and aerospace engineering (his major at Princeton).

Within weeks, an all-out collaborative effort to produce a completely original deep section carbon bicycle wheel system was underway.  The final founding partner was brought in when Brad (high in intelligence but a little rusty on his Solid Works and CAD design) introduced Marty to his good friend, fellow elite rower and mechanical engineering major from Boston University, Harrison Macris.  Harrison and Brad had built a relationship based on rowing, endurance racing, and doing what all mechanical engineers do in their spare time—sketching out ideas on the back of napkins in their apartments.

Since Marty, Brad, and Harrison teamed up in the spring of 2013, we have been meticulously and methodically progressing through this project.  And what we have produced has blown away even our most optimistic expectations.  Our first creation, the Wake 6560, tested so well that we want to share it with you.  In order to do so, we have built Princeton CarbonWorks around our technology.

Once we realized that we actually had an awesome product on our hands, we hired Employee #1 and then retroactively made him Co-Founder: Paul Daniels.  A University of Wisconsin and Oxford University graduate and a former World Champion rower, Paul has the intelligence, drive, and charisma to pursue any career.  For years, Paul toiled as a portfolio manager at a commodities company, making his 32 mile (each way!) commute via bicycle through the central New Jersey countryside (yes, there is countryside in New Jersey).  With the arrival of his second child in the summer of 2016, Paul decided to hit the reset button.  It was perfect timing, and Paul was able to turn his attention to the two things he holds most dear: his family and the cycling industry.  Princeton CarbonWorks was exactly what Paul needed to make his move.

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