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WAKE 6560 LITE Wheelset

Our lightest wheelset at 1485g!

Advanced aerospace engineering facilitates better speed through the breakthrough of dynamic cross-section variability – WAKE – which yields lower drag and reduced effects of vortex shedding. Optimized mechanical design paired with advanced manufacturing increases stress distribution and enables weight reduced layup schedule.

Princeton CarbonWorks WAKE 6560 LITE breaks industry benchmarks and forces discerning riders to recalibrate aerodynamic, strength, stability and weight expectations. In 4 years of research and development WAKE was wind tunnel confirmed, road tested, gravel verified and race proven, join us and leave the competition in your wake.

30 Day Test Ride Guarantee: Buy a set of Princeton CarbonWorks wheels, and if you aren’t completely satisfied with them, send them back for a full refund, no questions asked.



WAKE 6560 LITE has symmetrical front and rear rim profiles that each contain 24 sinusoidal oscillations, resulting a revolutionary shaped rim varying between 60 and 65mm deep. Full carbon and tubeless ready, the rim profile is laced to custom drilled hubs with Sapim CX-Ray spokes and nipples seated at the top of sinusoidal arches.  Each set of WAKE 6560 LITE is delivered with skewers, tubeless tape and valves, and SwissStop Black Prince brake pads.

Additional information

Weight, Front


Weight, Rear


Internal Rim Width


Max Rim Width


Max Rim Depth


Min Rim Depth


Hub, Front

16 Spoke, Straight Pull

Hub, Rear

24 Spoke, Straight Pull Freehub with Titanium "ANTI-BITE" Inserts


Sapim® CX-Ray®


Sapim® Secure Lock

Spoke Count

16/24 (24/24 available upon request)

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  1. Brian Rosener

    First some context for this review: I’m a respectable (in my own eyes) age grouper that never gets enough training volume for the 70.3 & 140.6 races I enter, while I also race mtb, cyclocross, and the occasional road race or hillclimb. I’ll never race Kona, but I will make life miserable for better trained athletes in shorter local races on the bike & the run.

    As I hopped on my bike for my first ride on the Wake 6560 Lite I immediately noticed how light & fast the wheels felt just rolling around the lot before starting the ride.

    Mounting Continental GP 4000 onto the wheels was easy, I didn’t need a tire lever and had both wheels ready to roll in less than 5 minutes without any sweat or consternation, which makes for peace of mind on race days. If you have a flat on race day these wheels will make your day way less stressful, you’ll be able to fix the flat, mount the tire, and be rolling in no time.

    I mounted the wheels on a Cervelo P3, they immediately looked right at home, and the experience once I got while riding left me smiling from ear to ear. I’ve ridden the Wake 6560 Lites for about 200 miles in varying wind conditions and over some pretty hilly terrain in Central NJ outside of Princeton, around the Sourlands & Round Valley area. Yes, Central NJ has hills. In fact a former US winner of the Tour de France who had his title stripped told me the roads in this area reminded him of the Belgian Ardennes.

    I’ve managed to race on the 6560 Lites once so far, in a sprint tri with 1300 feet of climbing in 16 miles where I managed an AG win and 5th overall. A number of guys at the race were running rear discs, the Wakes made me feel I was giving up nothing to them. In fact I passed a bigger guy who was running a rear disc wheel on a descent. Both of us were in our aero bars and he was definitely heavier, yet here I was passing him on a shallower, lighter wheel setup going down hill, and I was happy to know that when I was climbing later in the race I was pushing less wheel weight up the hills than the the dudes running rear discs. Of course, the performance of the wheels on descents speaks to hub bearing quality too, the Wake 6560 Lites left me very happy in that regard. I’m curious just how much of a difference the White Industry hubs can actually make on the Wake 6560.

    In the past I’ve run the HED Jet 6 & Zipp 808 Firecrests on my P3 so those are my main comparison points, as much as I like the HEDs there is no contest, the Wake 6560 Lite beats it in every department. The difference in weight between the PCW wheels and the HEDs was apparent every time I went uphill or accelerated. The PCW’s just screamed at me to accelerate harder out of each corner and sprint up each roller a little bit faster, with the bonus that the Wake 6560 Lites hold their speed better than my Jet 6 on flat roads and descents. The Wake 6560 lite is way lighter at essentially the same price point, and they look amazing on the bike to boot.

    Comparing the Wake 6560 to the Zipp 808 tubular I’ve run in the past is no contest either. I felt the combo of the GP4000 on the Wake 6560 Lite felt as fast as tubulars on my 808 Firecrest in terms of rolling resistance at a lighter weight. The ride quality, crosswind stability, and overall experience I had on the Wake 6560 Lite was far superior to the Zipp despite being shallower and less expensive. Aero is king in tri, but when aero is light too it’s a huge bonus.

    My takeaway on the wheels so far is that Princeton Carbon Works has managed to offer top shelf performance at a fraction of the price that some of its competitors, I couldn’t be happier.

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