Author: Marty Crotty

Simply Undeniable: The Princeton CarbonWorks Team

Simply Undeniable: The Princeton Carbon Works Team At the core of Princeton CarbonWorks is our Founder, Marty Crotty, and three Co-Founders, Brad Werntz, Harrison Macris, and Paul Daniels.  We are eager to tell you how we came together to design and develop our technology, create our company and create the Wake 6560. Five years ago, […]

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The Revolutionary “Sinusoidal” Design: A Trifecta of Benefits

A “Sinusoid” is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth and repetitive oscillation.  The WAKE 6560 has 24 such waves molded into its carbon fiber.  The profile provides benefits to mechanics, aerodynamics, and weight. Mechanically, the dynamic cross-section variability – WAKE – puts spoke tension point at a symmetrically convex section of carbon, vs concave […]

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