Wake 6560 Evolution

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The Wake 6560 Evolution. The 5th iteration of the Wake series and the largest step change in performance we’ve made yet. Faster. Lighter. Stiffer.

For custom sets and rim brake, please contact info@princetoncarbon.com

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The Princeton CarbonWorks Wake 6560 was conceived in 2012, with initial riding models completed in 2015.

Since then, there have been 4 iterations of our flagship wheel, each offering improvements in aerodynamic performance and efficiency, weight, stiffness, responsiveness, and quality.

A unique and balanced combination of attributes has made the Wake 6560 the go-to wheel for those looking for peak performance: aerodynamically faster than deeper wheels, lighter and better-handling than shallower wheels, all while stiff, responsive, and lively under power. And now, in its fifth generation, the legend evolves.

The Wake 6560 Evolution ushers in a revolutionary new shape, the second wheelset in our Evolution series behind the Alta 3532. Extensive testing and development has resulted in a wheelset that is even more efficient than its predecessor, the Wake 6560 Strada. More impressively, the new Wake 6560 Evolution has been the largest step change in performance from one version to the next, amongst all iterations of the Wake series.

Instantly recognizable versus previous versions, the shape of the Wake 6560 has substantially changed. Our new Evolution profile matches alternating deep and shallow rim sections with alternating spoke sides. Mechanically, this allows the steeper, high tension spokes (drive side rear spokes and disc side front spokes) to connect to a deeper rim section, thereby flattening those spoke angles. The change in bracing angle helps balance spoke tensions, creating a stiffer, more uniform wheel. This patented technology, Radially Staggered Lacing, is exclusive to Princeton CarbonWorks road wheels.

Wake 6560 Evolution is also incrementally wider and lighter than its predecessor. The increased width (21mm internal, 28.2mm max external) is optimized for the 25-28mm tires that professional cyclists currently race on. The result is a wheel with even better aerodynamic efficiency at all yaw angles and better composure in tricky crosswinds. Rim weight has been reduced by 10g per rim, helped by the overall shorter cord length of the inner edge. The rim brake and hooks live on. Ride how you want, with what you want. Rim brake rims will always be available and Wake 6560 Evolution will continue to have a hooked, hole-less, tubeless ready tire bed, which can accommodate clincher/tubed tires or tubeless tires with no tape needed and no tire pressure restrictions.

Rim brake options will be added to web-ordering shortly, for the time being please email info@princetoncarbon.com to order a custom or rim brake set.

Additional information

Max Rim Width

28.2 mm

Max Rim Depth


Min Rim Depth



Sapim® CX-Ray®


Sapim® Secure Lock

Spoke Count


Hub Type

White Industries, DT Swiss 240, CK R45D Ceramic, DT Swiss 180EXP, Tactic Racing TR02, Tactic Racing TR01

Free Hub Body

Shimano, SRAM XDR, Campagnolo


Matte/Black, Matte/White, Gloss/Black, Gloss/White, Gloss/Chrome, Gloss/Gold, Matte/Rose Gold, Matte/High Vis, Gloss/Chromatic Blue, Gloss/Purple

Internal Width

21 mm

Tire Compatibility

Clincher/Tubeless Ready

39 reviews for Wake 6560 Evolution

  1. Joe (verified owner)

    Received my Wake 6560s with DT180 this week and they are amazing. Coming from another company’s 44mm depth the way they handle a cross wind is noticeably better even being 20mm deeper. I was a bit nervous riding them today with 16 mph sustained wind with big gusts, but it was like there was no reaction to the wind by the bike. I’ve only got about 60 miles on them so far, but they look and ride great. GP 5000 STR install was a breeze with no levers. Can’t wait to put the miles to them.

    Support was immediately responsive and I appreciate Marty keeping me informed during the process due to delays out of their control. Also he was super helpful before the sale answering all my questions. It helped that we are both riding in NJ.

  2. Johann Lovato (verified owner)

    Incredible wheels. I want to thanks Marty for your patience with full support, info, accommodation and your help with the canadian customs process help!

    Definitively recommand him and Princeton!

  3. sk

    Installed to the corporate racing team bike (Pinarello Dogma F, Princeston wake 6560 Evolution , https://www.emperioyachting.com), sublime performance, lighting fast, superb quality and precision.

  4. kalvinboodoo

    I Absolutely love my WAKE 6560 STRADA High Gloss White on Black Decal
    No regrets whatsoever Great Investment you will not be disappointed.

  5. Ryan Pedigo (verified owner)

    Princeton Carbonworks Wake 6560 with Tactic Racing Hubs

    These were a huge upgrade over my prior Mavic wheels that came stock on my Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Di2 disc. Faster, deeper, stiffer, lighter. Easier to get going, easier to keep going, and still helps on the climbs given that despite these being 50% deeper than my prior wheelset they are lighter. The crosswind stability is similar to my 40-45mm wheelset and I did not notice a difference. The only thing to be aware of (check YouTube before purchasing if you decide to go with Tactic Racing hubs) is that when coasting these things are LOUD. Not a huge deal to me, but in group rides I do find that I soft pedal a bit while holding conversation so I can hear what the other people are saying! That might be a slight exaggeration, but not a large one. I would absolutely recommend these wheels. I put them with the Continental GP5000 S TR 28mm tubeless and setup was a breeze. If you are on the fence, definitely would recommend pulling the trigger and purchasing them. They even expedited my wheels going out so they could arrive in time for a century ride!

  6. Deven P Majmudar

    Perfectly balanced wheel. Sound of the Chris King hub is music to my ears

  7. Scott Dickerson (verified owner)

    Wake 6560 – Tactic Racing TR01

    Ok, I came across these because I blew out one of my Enve 6.7’s and wasn’t the biggest fan of Enve, so thought I’d give these a shot. I dealt directly with Marty, and I just say he was super fast at responding and took care of my order from the start and everything went flawlessly.

    The wheel set? Next level gorgeous. No rim tape needed? Love it. Installed my tires with ease and now on to the first test ride. Update – I absolutely love these things. They ride amazing and the engagement is awesome as well

    Other products? I hope they are coming. Handlebars, stems, MTB wheel set? I’m a customer for life.

    You will not regret your decision to purchase these.

  8. David P (Singapore)

    These wheels are just next level INSANITY!!!

    Super Fast yet Assuring. Deep but Light, Functional yet Beautiful, Aero and fit to Climb, Stiff not Harsh.

    Have been more active riding past 2 years with Reynolds AR41X, Roval Rapide, Corima MCC DX – and these wheels are great at their price points but the Wake 6560s are at a different level.

    Some think it’s crazy but I fitted the 6560s on both my Dogma F12 and F. They are the limited Red and White ones, and I absolutely love it!!

    The Tactic hubs make a critical difference and the wheels match the Dogma’s performance perfectly. I now understand why INEOS Grenadiers choose it for their competitions.

    Thank you PCW. It’s not just wheels but a whole level of performance and experience that makes riding such a beautiful sport and lifestyle.

  9. YS

    I brought these wheels in September 2022, they made the me really fast in the group and first time along with co-riders I have decided to test them before the headwinds on 06 November 2022 ( https://www.strava.com/activities/8075079669) and they are beyond the imagination even super one to my previous one !!

  10. Isaac Stewart (verified owner)

    Been looking at the WAKE 6560 wheels and did some research on them, nothing but excellent reviews. After being on the fence on whether I want to make the investment, I pulled the trigger and I am so glad I made the investment. The wheels are fast and the bike has an even more comfortable ride than before. Also they look great! if you are in the market for a new wheel set these are them. You wont be disappointed.

  11. Mitch (verified owner)

    To get it out of the way the wheels are really incredible. I have the what is now labeled the Corsa. These wheels transform your ride. I am a smaller rider so any watts that I can save are a plus on the rolling terrain here in NC. 10 watts for a smaller guy who doesn’t produce huge watts is a larger percentage than 10 watts for a bigger guy who can crush the watts so it’s important for me. I pretty much ride them year round….up mountains, down mountains, crits, windy rides, group rides and time trials. Like other deep section wheels they can catch gusts, but the rim design does seem to work as advertised and the wheels quickly snap back into place. The one downside is the Inner Width, but they took care of that with the new Strada version so you have no excuse now.

  12. Paul young (verified owner)

    Better than zipp.
    I’m really faster on them by at least 3-5 mph.
    Great on headwinds and barely felt pushed on cross winds. From Philly area and I’m fortune enough to travel a lot and they performed everywhere.
    Philly, Jersey, Texas, New Mexico, and Florida.
    Worked great in the mountains and even better flats of Florida. Please don’t think twice there 1/2 the price and there fast.
    I’m on a roubix 5’11 180 16mph mountain 18-21 flats.
    Even got delivered the next day.

  13. Mark

    Better than Zipp

  14. Herb (verified owner)

    In January, I bought a set of ENVE 5.6s (Disc) wheels based on reviews suggesting they are some of the best all around wheels on the market. A friend shared with me the PCW Wake just 1 month later. I was reticent about making another purchase, but Marty confirmed there is a 30 day return policy if I did not like the wheels. I promised Marty a review if I liked the Wake wheelset.

    This is how the wheelsets compare (both were tested with Conti GP5000 25mm TL):

    Acceleration and Speed

    The 6560s come up to speed with less exertion than than the 5.6s. They are extremely lively and stiff when ridden hard. Once up to speed, the 6560s maintain speed with less overall exertion. It is more noticeable the higher the speed. The acceleration when descending is immediately experienced. When riding with a tailwind it is not uncommon for the 6560s to maintain ~30mph while only putting out ~200-250 watts. The 5.6s always feel like more work is needed to get them up to speed and keep them there. The 5.6s have a sublime feel, but the 6560s feel as if they are floating on air, especially at high speeds.


    The sinusoidal design of the 6560s places load in a manner that maximizes stiffness. When ridden uphill they have better power transfer than the 5.6s. They feel more snappy upon stepping on the pedals and accelerating. The 5.6s are good, but in general feel more sluggish and less eager to responds to inputs. The 6560s are a few ounces lighter which is another added benefit while climbing.


    Both wheelsets handle superbly in windy conditions, albeit with differences in how the wind impact them. The ENVEs feel as if there is a subtle deviation from their line in a cross wind when the air is reattaching to them. The 6560s have 2 distinct qualities: the entire wheel feels a side force in a cross wind or the wheel is caught by the wind and quickly released (unlike any sensation I have felt before). In most situations the handling is excellent by both wheelsets and they are very capable at diving into corners. However, both can become unstable at high speeds descending with a swirling wind. They are both deep section wheels and their designs cannot fully mitigate extreme conditions.


    The 6560s retail at $2800 versus the $2550 entry point for the ENVEs. This equates to a 10% higher retail cost for the 6560s. For many wheelsets, marginally better products typically command much higher premiums. In comparison, the difference in price is justified as the 6560s are superior in both tangible and intangible ways.

    Final Thoughts

    The PCW 6560s and ENVE 5.6s are representative of the evolution of wheel design in the industry. ENVE ushered in the use of wider rim and tire profiles to provide superior comfort and improved aerodynamics. Princeton Carbonworks has brought forward a wheel design with oscillating rim depth which marks the next evolution of wheel design. The 6560s are lighter, faster, and stiffer than the ENVE 5.6s at a small price premium over arguably one of the best all-around deep dish wheelsets. Soon I’ll be replacing my ENVEs with a set of PCW Peaks for a lighter, more stable wheel for days in the mountains.

  15. Sarah Vogel (verified owner)

    So I raced with the wheels yesterday, and just wanted to provide you with a quick review. Three issues I identified:

    1) It was really annoying having to say “on your left” like 200 times over the course of the 56 miles. I got really tired of that.

    2) I now apparently need a larger chainring on the front. On the downhills where I would normally be pedaling, I was going too fast and to pedal at all, my cadence would have been ridiculously high.

    3) These wheels have already cost me an additional $570 since I came in top 10 in my age group and qualified for Worlds in September. Still have to factor in the flight and lodging as part of the cost of these wheels. Yikes!

    So seriously, I need a jersey that says “It’s the wheels” with your logo underneath. I really feel like I owe some explanation to the 30 and 40 year old guys as to why they were getting blown away by an old lady.

    Previous race 4 weeks ago – average speed 16.9. This race – average speed 19.9 and a PR for the 70.3. Different course and all, but still! These wheels rock. And the customer service is unbeatable.

  16. David H (verified owner)

    I always check the reviews of wheelsets before i buy as i am sure many others do . i saw the praise that princeton wheels received so i sent marty a quick email. I am not sure if i even expected a reply but the resulting conversation represented a team passionate about these wheels so i gave them ago and Man am i impressed. I have ridden for 17 years riding countless bikes and countless wheels , i have always favoured the enve 6.7, still a fantastic wheel but i honestly feel the wake 6560 are the new generation, i am extremely excited to see what else these guys come up with . I almost did not want to write a review and keep these wheels a secret . I can see why ineos are using them.

  17. Ian Coveny

    Just received my 6560s and took them out for a spin. It’s a route I routinely do, and I rode normally – no hammering (except a very short KOM I nabbed). I averaged >1mph faster on the ride, and the only variable was the wheels; same wattage, same bike, same route. The Wakes felt incredible, descending was like being on rails, and they handled the cross/cross-headwinds much better than expected. I’m totally blown away, and cannot wait to see how they are in the spring racing season.

    Thanks Marty, Brad, and team – you’ve made an absolutely incredible product.

  18. Michael Hartnett (verified owner)

    Marty and PCW Team, I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I have been LOVING my new PCW Wake 6560 Wheels!

    I have gotten 2 Strava KOMs this season with the wheels (in the Boston metrowest area that is HARD) and have been routinely averaging over 20 – 21 mph for my rides vs 17.5-19 mph last year (on stock Specialized Roubaix Wheels).

    They are incredibly aero, lightweight, responsive, efficient climbers and well suited for simply attacking your rides! An engineering and production marvel. These PCW Wake 6560 Wheels are absolute game changers, are an integral part of my cycling quiver and are Extremely Highly Recommended.

    Thank you!!!


  19. Ben Deal

    I’ve been racing these wheels as a professional triathlete for two years now. As fast as anything I’ve ever ridden and (while it doesn’t matter a ton for most long course tri racing), extremely light. Most importantly, I’ve never encountered a crosswind while racing I couldn’t handle on these. Having the confidence to push even at 50+ mph while racing is huge. Just an all around gorgeous set of wheels for both racing and training.

  20. Eddie Corcoran (verified owner)

    6560’s are Amazing wheels!!! These wheels are the best I have ever ridden…and I’ve ridden them all. The ride quality is like nothing I have ever witnessed. They were put to the test the past weekend and I’ll I could say to the group was “it must be the wheels”. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

  21. Erik Dorwart

    I have been riding deep wheels on Aero carbon bikes for 10+ years (mostly Cervelo). I have ridden Reynolds DV46’s, EDGE 45’s (pre ENVE), Zipp 404’s Reynolds Aero 65’s, Roval CLX 64’s, 3T Discus 60 LTD’s, etc. None of these wheels have even come close to the ability to handle crosswinds like the Wake 6560’s. Often I ride them on roads through open farm fields with crazy wind gusts. With other wheels I would need steering input to stay straight, with the 6560’s it is just a soft “push” by the wind with no correction needed.

    The whole experience in getting the wheels was fantastic. Being able to speak with the owner of the company directly and using his recommended wheel builder for a custom designed set of 6560s was just fantastic. I now have a set of wheels that make me want to ride even more often no matter what the conditions are outside. PCW truly has a top notch product and is a fantastic company to deal with.

  22. Jack Nunn

    This wheels are simply the best and fastest wheels on the market. I used them at the Kona Ironman World Championships this year in 2019 and the 40+ mph wind gusts didn’t even move them around. They are solid and very fast! I recommend these high quality wheels to anyone looking to get the most speed out of their road and or triathlon bike. These guys really take the time and care to make the BEST wheels in the world. Plus if Cam Wurf is using them then you know they are fast. Trust me… buy these wheels. Best purchase on your bike

  23. Carol Brown

    LOVE my 6560s. Long time serious athlete (swimming & rowing) but new to triathlons.Rode these to Age Group National Championship and then top finish with Team USA at 2019 Age Group Worlds in Lausanne….They make climbing hills fun! In my relatively shorter distance racing I don’t know the actual time savings but makes me want to get out of bed and ride my bike! You won’t regret your investment in these wheels.

  24. Peter Stroble

    Do you want to ride faster than you’ve ever ridden before? If yes, look no further. I’ve been on them a week in various conditions – categorized alpine climbs, cross winds, rain, flat loops. I’m killing my old times and I’m dropping people who usually drop me. Riding these wheels is like floating on air, making you feel weightless and unstoppable. They effortlessly build speed and magically sustain momentum. Get disc if you can but don’t hesitate to go with the rim brake model if speed counts the most. Couldn’t be happier.

  25. Curt Comber

    I am a life-long rider and current masters racer located in South, FL. I have tried almost all of the latest and greatest wheels on the market. The WAKE 6560 is special and unlike any other wheelset, I’ve ever ridden.

    The need for speed in S.FL is the top priority. What we lack in hills, we more than compensate within an ever-present wind! Most rides have either: a strong head-wind, a tremendous cross-wind (20+ mph is typical) or a gap that has to be bridged at 27+ mph. The best wheels have to be stiff, light and aero if you are to have a shot of staying with the group.

    The WAKE 6560 is amazing – you can immediately feel the difference, even at low speeds. The unique construction provides for lower wind resistance which you can actually feel. I am used to getting pushed from cross-winds – not an issue with the WAKE 6560. The ability to power up, even at high-speeds is amazing. Your ability to close gaps, increase speed or keep your position, is so much easier with this wheelset. The WAKE 6560 has the perfect combination: stiff (I am not a small rider – you won’t see me winning a hill-climb), responsive, and aero. The difference is immediately noticeable in headwinds and crosswinds.

    My recommendation is to sell your other over-priced wheelset and buy some free speed with the WAKE 6560. You will not be disappointed.

  26. Spencer Moavenzadeh

    Bombproof, maintenance free, faster than 50mm’s and more stable than 35mm’s, braking is perfect, plus they fair incredible in the wet.

    Not a single issue with these wheels when demoing a set over a training camp at a windy area by the coast. These stayed true and the bearings stayed smooth. I have friend with them who has experienced no broken spokes in 20,000 miles. This blows me away. Even my box section “indestructible” rims need truing before 12,000. But staying smooth and true in a salty environment is even more impressive. The salt in the air and the humidity historically has catalyzed loose spokes the need for maintenance and rebuilding before my camp’s end. These remained as I received them: perfect. They are bombproof over the rough roads and I had no hesitation or worry when I hit a pothole and rough patch of road surface.

    Riding in the wet is a bonus: these wheels come into their own. One nice feature is a drainage hole near the valve stem. Deep rims can fill with water when riding (or cleaning) relatively quickly. These wheels have a drainage hole where all the water can escape from. Super simple, super helpful. Braking in the wet is on par with all other carbon wheels in the wet. No complaints at all.

    The heavy consistent wind was easy to handle; more so, the occasional heavy and sudden gusts of wind barely affected the wheels. I am relatively light – 68kg. These wheels felt faster than the 50mm deep set I currently ride, but I am often scared to ride those down in a windy area because the occasional heavy gusts are enough to push me across the road. Those occasional gusts were dampened with these wheels, almost as if I was riding a 35mm set that held the speed like those over 50mm. The gusts caused a slower and less drastic twitch on the front wheel than when riding a 50mm. This meant I could easily make corrections and stay stable in a straight line and keep riding unhindered.

    • Harrison (verified owner)

      Spencer, thanks for your review! So glad you are enjoying your WAKEs!

  27. Jacob Orozco (verified owner)

    Did Princeton Carbon Works create the perfect all-around wheelset? I purchased the Wake 6560 in Fall 2017, and after almost a year of riding on them, I can say that I think they did! These wheels are extremely fast, light, stable, tubeless ready, and at a reasonable price point! Bravo! I’m excited to see what PCW does next!

  28. Jacob Orozco (verified owner)

    Did Princeton Carbon Works create the perfect all-around wheelset? I purchased the Wake 6560 in Fall 2017, and after almost a year of riding on them, I can say that I think they did! Extremely fast, light, stable, tubeless ready, and at a reasonable price point! Bravo! I’m excited to see what PCW does next!

  29. Randy Eddy (verified owner)

    Prior to these wheels, I rode Enve sys3.4’s and Rovale CLX38’s. I am not a racer, but a 57 year old that rides as much as I can. Compared to my prior wheels, these are faster by about .5-.75 mph on average. They accelerate quicker. They seem to have all the upsides of an aero wheel (speed and acceleration) without the downsides (crosswinds, weight, and ride quality). They seem great on hills–quite stiff laterally. They are also quiet. I have been on a few rides with substantial winds and didn’t feel anything 95% of the time. There was an occasion on a very fast decent where a strong gust came in from the side and I felt it, but that is it. Build quality is very good. Like the spoke tension spec sheet. I think these are quite a value, when others want $4k.

  30. Robert Slocum (verified owner)

    Everything everyone says above is true! The wheels are quiet. The ride is soft. Winds are a non-issue. My only regret is that I didn’t spend more money!

  31. Kevin

    I started riding and competing in the Wake 6560’s in February and have been blown away with how they ride. They surpassed my expectations from when I first got my hands on them. I couldn’t believe how light they were given their rim depth when I pulled them out of the box and put them on the bike. Once I went out for my first ride I was sold! They are durable, handle very well, and simply feel VERY fast (which we know they are after the wind-tunnel testing). Before Princeton CarbonWorks I rode ZIPP and HED wheels. After competing with the WAKE 6560’s I have no plans on going back as now I feel I have an upper hand on my competition racing on these as opposed to any other brand. I’ve raced on many different courses/conditions (flat, hilly, windy, wet) with them and they have really delivered. I was very impressed with how they handled in windy conditions given their depth. I never felt like I was being thrown around when I had them on compared to other wheels I’ve raced on with comparable depths. I recently raced on a course with a very steep climb and I’ll say I was stoked to have them on for that race as they made my bike feel so much lighter going up the hills. They were very smooth riding up the hill and then ripped down the long descent. What’s even more impressive is for how well they ride and have tested, they are a FRACTION of the price of any other company out there producing race wheels. Also a great team behind the company and very open to helping answer any questions one may have! If you are looking to purchase one set of wheels that can perform in all conditions and styles of racing (drafting/non-drafting) then you have found them! Princeton CarbonWorks WAKE 6560!

  32. Jamie Lowrey

    Just went for my first ride today on my new Wake 6560s, and they are fantastic! Super responsive and really fast! One aspect of Princeton Carbonworks that I also want to emphasize is their customer service. Co-founders, Paul and Marty, really know what they’re talking about when it comes to riding and wheels and sold me on the Wakes almost immediately. The company is very responsive and wants to know about your experience with the product to make sure customers are happy. I can’t recommend these wheels more highly!

  33. Ante (verified owner)

    I’m 230lbs and was yet to find a wheel that didn’t flex under increased power. These wheels are bulletproof. Very stable and almost agnostic to lateral wind gusts despite their deep profile.

  34. Jeanine Seeger

    Fast and light!!!
    I’ve been riding the wake 6560s for about a month now and I have been able to put them to the test! I ride in south Florida so our biggest challenges are not hills and mountains, but the wind!!! We have had no shortage of wind the past month and mostly crosswinds! As a smaller rider, this has in the past been one of my bigger challenges. On crosswind days I get popped off the back of our strong group rides. This has happened with wheels shallower than the 6560s. However with the 6560s I have had no problem riding with and mixing it up with the big boys!
    I have also had the opportunity to time trial with the 6560 as my front wheel. Getting up to and maintaining speed was no problem! I PR’d on both a 20k and 30k time trial!
    Lastly, I have tested these wheels crit racing as well!
    Both, with the men (training races) and 2 women’s races for state titles. The acceleration was there!! These wheels are quick to respond, very light, stiff for cornering, and awesomely fast! Now I truly know what it feels like to fllllyyyy!
    4 Florida state titles for the Wake 6560s!
    •Women’s age 40-49 20k TT
    •Women’s Pro/1/2 30k TT
    •Women’s Age 40-49 criterium
    •Women’s Pro/1/2 criterium

    On a side note: I set these wheels up for some of the rough/dirty roads we have here. I put on 25mm Gator Skin tires. They did not slow down the Wake 6560s AT ALL! I usually race on different tires but did not even change them for the past month’s races.

  35. Luke

    I’ve been competing and coaching in triathlon for over a decade now, have had the chance to ride most wheel sets out there, and have to say that the Wake 6560 is far and away the best wheel I have ridden to date. It’s a complete all rounder and a solid performer under any conditions. Not only is the wheel set aero, but it climbs and corners unlike any aero wheel I’ve ever ridden (read that as climbs and corners very very well). It’s stiff under power on climbs, and very predictable and stable in tight corners and corners at speed. The wheel accelerates well and carries speed with ease. I ride the 6560s on both my TT and road bikes, and the wheel is right at home on either setup. If you are looking for one wheel to do it all, and to do it well, without compromise, the Wake 6560 is that wheel.

  36. Gideon Kleinman

    Fast, stable and reliable is what you can expect from this wheel. I own a shop in Socal and have had a lot of opportunities to ride almost every wheel on the market. While differing wheel styles always will have their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, the Wake 6560 might be the best allrounder I have ridden to date. Saturdays I roll them on a fast competitive group ride along the coast, and even with the strong coastal crosswinds this wheel tears into the pack. Easy acceleration up to speed and once at speed the ability to close gaps and drive on the front seems effortless. The rest of my week is mostly solo climbing in my local mountains and this wheel can go toe to toe with my 202s. If you bring the price into the conversation this might be the most comprehensive and capable wheelset on the market.

  37. Yen Tay (verified owner)

    The WAKE 6560s are cutting edge, look great, and made a huge difference in my first 70.3 race last September. I am a former college swimmer and long-time runner/yogi, so going into triathlons seemed natural except for the cycling part! I first dabbled in sprint triathlons and then a few olympics on my beloved Cannondale road bike, but when I decided to kick it up a notch to the 70.3 distance, I knew that I had to focus A LOT more on the cycling leg. As a petite 5’3″, 120 pound woman, it is hard for me to generate a lot of power on the bike and go as fast as I would like on the bike. Additionally the course for the half-Ironman spends a lot of time on the Atlantic City Expressway which gets some crazy Jersey Shore crosswinds that are really hard to manage, especially for a lighter rider. I had biked a shorter, similar course in the TriAC Olympic triathlon the month before without the WAKE6560s and I struggled with the crosswinds significantly. Upgrading my wheel set to the WAKE6560s was exactly what I needed. The deep oscillating profile made a huge difference in handling the AC expressway (2.5 loops of it!) crosswinds with much more ease when I tackled it a month later in IMAC70.3 and my overall average speed on the bike was MUCH faster, over double the distance. Well done, Princeton CarbonWorks! Looking forward to crushing the 2018 Triathlon Season with my Wake 6560s!

  38. Paul

    I ride anything and everything with two wheels – it all started with BMX, and MotoX before college. College wised me up enough to steer clear of engines, I’ve been a committed roadie since 2003. Countless crits, ITTs and road races, a few CX races an IM (11:32) and 70.3 (5:08). These are the best wheels of the more than 2 dozen I’ve owned in the last decade and a half. They’re extremely light considering their depth and ride like wheels half their depth in any wind condition. The fact that they’re tubeless ready has made them my go-to wheelset, with Schwalbe Pro 1 25mm at 80psi. Simply put “Hoverbike.”

  39. Mike Porterfield (verified owner)

    Wow. Finally. I made it out on my new wheels for the first time yesterday. An absolute joy to ride. I love my Cannondale Super6 Evo but now with these wheels I don’t know I will ever need another bike. The bike seemed like it just wanted to take off right out of the driveway. The ride was noticeably more comfortable, fast and responsive when I stood up on the bottom of the hills. The funny thing was my buddy, who is a great rider, was just gifted some HED wheels and he was on them for the first time as well but was kind of bothered by how noisy they were. Not my wheels.

    I had my bike shop set them up tubeless with the Schwable tires you recommended and it felt awesome. I would have sent you an awesome picture but it was so cold we almost didn’t stop for 50+ miles and to be honest I didn’t want to take my gloves off. My Garmin even died in the cold yesterday. But the important part was the wheels are amazing. Thanks guys for making this happen. Looking forward to logging many more miles in the months to come!

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