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WAKE 6560 Wheelset with White Industries

Advanced aerospace engineering facilitates better speed through the breakthrough of dynamic cross-section variability – WAKE – which yields lower drag and reduced effects of vortex shedding. Optimized mechanical design paired with advanced manufacturing increases stress distribution and enables weight reduced layup schedule.  Laced to your choice of ultra-light TUNE or bombproof White Industries.

Princeton CarbonWorks WAKE 6560 breaks industry benchmarks and forces discerning riders to recalibrate aerodynamic, strength, stability and weight expectations. In 4 years of research and development WAKE was wind tunnel confirmed, road tested, gravel verified and race proven, join us and leave the competition in your wake.

30 Day Test Ride Guarantee: Buy a set of Princeton CarbonWorks wheels, and if you aren’t completely satisfied with them, send them back for a full refund, no questions asked.

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WAKE 6560 has symmetrical front and rear rim profiles that each contain 24 sinusoidal oscillations, resulting a  revolutionary shaped rim varying between 60 and 65mm deep.  Full carbon and tubeless ready, the rim profile is laced to your choice of WHITE INDUSTRIES or TUNE Hubs, and are available in Rim or Disc brake versions. In addition to individual wheel build reports, each UCI-registered set of WAKE 6560s is delivered with (when necessary) skewers, tubeless tape and valves, PCW padded wheel bags, and SwissStop Black Prince brake pads.

Additional information

Weight, Front

RIM BRAKE: 675g (WI) 657g (TUNE)

Weight, Rear

RIM BRAKE: 870g (WI) 780 (TUNE)

Internal Rim Width


Max Rim Width


Max Rim Depth


Min Rim Depth



Sapim® CX-Ray®


Sapim® Secure Lock

Spoke Count

16/24 (24/24 available upon request)

Brake Type

Rim, Disc

Hub Type

White Industries, TUNE

16 reviews for WAKE 6560

  1. Mike Porterfield (verified owner)

    Wow. Finally. I made it out on my new wheels for the first time yesterday. An absolute joy to ride. I love my Cannondale Super6 Evo but now with these wheels I don’t know I will ever need another bike. The bike seemed like it just wanted to take off right out of the driveway. The ride was noticeably more comfortable, fast and responsive when I stood up on the bottom of the hills. The funny thing was my buddy, who is a great rider, was just gifted some HED wheels and he was on them for the first time as well but was kind of bothered by how noisy they were. Not my wheels.

    I had my bike shop set them up tubeless with the Schwable tires you recommended and it felt awesome. I would have sent you an awesome picture but it was so cold we almost didn’t stop for 50+ miles and to be honest I didn’t want to take my gloves off. My Garmin even died in the cold yesterday. But the important part was the wheels are amazing. Thanks guys for making this happen. Looking forward to logging many more miles in the months to come!

  2. Paul

    I ride anything and everything with two wheels – it all started with BMX, and MotoX before college. College wised me up enough to steer clear of engines, I’ve been a committed roadie since 2003. Countless crits, ITTs and road races, a few CX races an IM (11:32) and 70.3 (5:08). These are the best wheels of the more than 2 dozen I’ve owned in the last decade and a half. They’re extremely light considering their depth and ride like wheels half their depth in any wind condition. The fact that they’re tubeless ready has made them my go-to wheelset, with Schwalbe Pro 1 25mm at 80psi. Simply put “Hoverbike.”

  3. Yen Tay (verified owner)

    The WAKE 6560s are cutting edge, look great, and made a huge difference in my first 70.3 race last September. I am a former college swimmer and long-time runner/yogi, so going into triathlons seemed natural except for the cycling part! I first dabbled in sprint triathlons and then a few olympics on my beloved Cannondale road bike, but when I decided to kick it up a notch to the 70.3 distance, I knew that I had to focus A LOT more on the cycling leg. As a petite 5’3″, 120 pound woman, it is hard for me to generate a lot of power on the bike and go as fast as I would like on the bike. Additionally the course for the half-Ironman spends a lot of time on the Atlantic City Expressway which gets some crazy Jersey Shore crosswinds that are really hard to manage, especially for a lighter rider. I had biked a shorter, similar course in the TriAC Olympic triathlon the month before without the WAKE6560s and I struggled with the crosswinds significantly. Upgrading my wheel set to the WAKE6560s was exactly what I needed. The deep oscillating profile made a huge difference in handling the AC expressway (2.5 loops of it!) crosswinds with much more ease when I tackled it a month later in IMAC70.3 and my overall average speed on the bike was MUCH faster, over double the distance. Well done, Princeton CarbonWorks! Looking forward to crushing the 2018 Triathlon Season with my Wake 6560s!

  4. Gideon Kleinman

    Fast, stable and reliable is what you can expect from this wheel. I own a shop in Socal and have had a lot of opportunities to ride almost every wheel on the market. While differing wheel styles always will have their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, the Wake 6560 might be the best allrounder I have ridden to date. Saturdays I roll them on a fast competitive group ride along the coast, and even with the strong coastal crosswinds this wheel tears into the pack. Easy acceleration up to speed and once at speed the ability to close gaps and drive on the front seems effortless. The rest of my week is mostly solo climbing in my local mountains and this wheel can go toe to toe with my 202s. If you bring the price into the conversation this might be the most comprehensive and capable wheelset on the market.

  5. Luke

    I’ve been competing and coaching in triathlon for over a decade now, have had the chance to ride most wheel sets out there, and have to say that the Wake 6560 is far and away the best wheel I have ridden to date. It’s a complete all rounder and a solid performer under any conditions. Not only is the wheel set aero, but it climbs and corners unlike any aero wheel I’ve ever ridden (read that as climbs and corners very very well). It’s stiff under power on climbs, and very predictable and stable in tight corners and corners at speed. The wheel accelerates well and carries speed with ease. I ride the 6560s on both my TT and road bikes, and the wheel is right at home on either setup. If you are looking for one wheel to do it all, and to do it well, without compromise, the Wake 6560 is that wheel.

  6. Jeanine Seeger

    Fast and light!!!
    I’ve been riding the wake 6560s for about a month now and I have been able to put them to the test! I ride in south Florida so our biggest challenges are not hills and mountains, but the wind!!! We have had no shortage of wind the past month and mostly crosswinds! As a smaller rider, this has in the past been one of my bigger challenges. On crosswind days I get popped off the back of our strong group rides. This has happened with wheels shallower than the 6560s. However with the 6560s I have had no problem riding with and mixing it up with the big boys!
    I have also had the opportunity to time trial with the 6560 as my front wheel. Getting up to and maintaining speed was no problem! I PR’d on both a 20k and 30k time trial!
    Lastly, I have tested these wheels crit racing as well!
    Both, with the men (training races) and 2 women’s races for state titles. The acceleration was there!! These wheels are quick to respond, very light, stiff for cornering, and awesomely fast! Now I truly know what it feels like to fllllyyyy!
    4 Florida state titles for the Wake 6560s!
    •Women’s age 40-49 20k TT
    •Women’s Pro/1/2 30k TT
    •Women’s Age 40-49 criterium
    •Women’s Pro/1/2 criterium

    On a side note: I set these wheels up for some of the rough/dirty roads we have here. I put on 25mm Gator Skin tires. They did not slow down the Wake 6560s AT ALL! I usually race on different tires but did not even change them for the past month’s races.

  7. Ante (verified owner)

    I’m 230lbs and was yet to find a wheel that didn’t flex under increased power. These wheels are bulletproof. Very stable and almost agnostic to lateral wind gusts despite their deep profile.

  8. Jamie Lowrey

    Just went for my first ride today on my new Wake 6560s, and they are fantastic! Super responsive and really fast! One aspect of Princeton Carbonworks that I also want to emphasize is their customer service. Co-founders, Paul and Marty, really know what they’re talking about when it comes to riding and wheels and sold me on the Wakes almost immediately. The company is very responsive and wants to know about your experience with the product to make sure customers are happy. I can’t recommend these wheels more highly!

  9. Kevin

    I started riding and competing in the Wake 6560’s in February and have been blown away with how they ride. They surpassed my expectations from when I first got my hands on them. I couldn’t believe how light they were given their rim depth when I pulled them out of the box and put them on the bike. Once I went out for my first ride I was sold! They are durable, handle very well, and simply feel VERY fast (which we know they are after the wind-tunnel testing). Before Princeton CarbonWorks I rode ZIPP and HED wheels. After competing with the WAKE 6560’s I have no plans on going back as now I feel I have an upper hand on my competition racing on these as opposed to any other brand. I’ve raced on many different courses/conditions (flat, hilly, windy, wet) with them and they have really delivered. I was very impressed with how they handled in windy conditions given their depth. I never felt like I was being thrown around when I had them on compared to other wheels I’ve raced on with comparable depths. I recently raced on a course with a very steep climb and I’ll say I was stoked to have them on for that race as they made my bike feel so much lighter going up the hills. They were very smooth riding up the hill and then ripped down the long descent. What’s even more impressive is for how well they ride and have tested, they are a FRACTION of the price of any other company out there producing race wheels. Also a great team behind the company and very open to helping answer any questions one may have! If you are looking to purchase one set of wheels that can perform in all conditions and styles of racing (drafting/non-drafting) then you have found them! Princeton CarbonWorks WAKE 6560!

  10. Robert Slocum (verified owner)

    Everything everyone says above is true! The wheels are quiet. The ride is soft. Winds are a non-issue. My only regret is that I didn’t spend more money!

  11. Randy Eddy (verified owner)

    Prior to these wheels, I rode Enve sys3.4’s and Rovale CLX38’s. I am not a racer, but a 57 year old that rides as much as I can. Compared to my prior wheels, these are faster by about .5-.75 mph on average. They accelerate quicker. They seem to have all the upsides of an aero wheel (speed and acceleration) without the downsides (crosswinds, weight, and ride quality). They seem great on hills–quite stiff laterally. They are also quiet. I have been on a few rides with substantial winds and didn’t feel anything 95% of the time. There was an occasion on a very fast decent where a strong gust came in from the side and I felt it, but that is it. Build quality is very good. Like the spoke tension spec sheet. I think these are quite a value, when others want $4k.

  12. Jacob Orozco (verified owner)

    Did Princeton Carbon Works create the perfect all-around wheelset? I purchased the Wake 6560 in Fall 2017, and after almost a year of riding on them, I can say that I think they did! Extremely fast, light, stable, tubeless ready, and at a reasonable price point! Bravo! I’m excited to see what PCW does next!

  13. Jacob Orozco (verified owner)

    Did Princeton Carbon Works create the perfect all-around wheelset? I purchased the Wake 6560 in Fall 2017, and after almost a year of riding on them, I can say that I think they did! These wheels are extremely fast, light, stable, tubeless ready, and at a reasonable price point! Bravo! I’m excited to see what PCW does next!

  14. Spencer Moavenzadeh

    Bombproof, maintenance free, faster than 50mm’s and more stable than 35mm’s, braking is perfect, plus they fair incredible in the wet.

    Not a single issue with these wheels when demoing a set over a training camp at a windy area by the coast. These stayed true and the bearings stayed smooth. I have friend with them who has experienced no broken spokes in 20,000 miles. This blows me away. Even my box section “indestructible” rims need truing before 12,000. But staying smooth and true in a salty environment is even more impressive. The salt in the air and the humidity historically has catalyzed loose spokes the need for maintenance and rebuilding before my camp’s end. These remained as I received them: perfect. They are bombproof over the rough roads and I had no hesitation or worry when I hit a pothole and rough patch of road surface.

    Riding in the wet is a bonus: these wheels come into their own. One nice feature is a drainage hole near the valve stem. Deep rims can fill with water when riding (or cleaning) relatively quickly. These wheels have a drainage hole where all the water can escape from. Super simple, super helpful. Braking in the wet is on par with all other carbon wheels in the wet. No complaints at all.

    The heavy consistent wind was easy to handle; more so, the occasional heavy and sudden gusts of wind barely affected the wheels. I am relatively light – 68kg. These wheels felt faster than the 50mm deep set I currently ride, but I am often scared to ride those down in a windy area because the occasional heavy gusts are enough to push me across the road. Those occasional gusts were dampened with these wheels, almost as if I was riding a 35mm set that held the speed like those over 50mm. The gusts caused a slower and less drastic twitch on the front wheel than when riding a 50mm. This meant I could easily make corrections and stay stable in a straight line and keep riding unhindered.

    • Harrison (verified owner)

      Spencer, thanks for your review! So glad you are enjoying your WAKEs!

  15. Curt Comber

    I am a life-long rider and current masters racer located in South, FL. I have tried almost all of the latest and greatest wheels on the market. The WAKE 6560 is special and unlike any other wheelset, I’ve ever ridden.

    The need for speed in S.FL is the top priority. What we lack in hills, we more than compensate within an ever-present wind! Most rides have either: a strong head-wind, a tremendous cross-wind (20+ mph is typical) or a gap that has to be bridged at 27+ mph. The best wheels have to be stiff, light and aero if you are to have a shot of staying with the group.

    The WAKE 6560 is amazing – you can immediately feel the difference, even at low speeds. The unique construction provides for lower wind resistance which you can actually feel. I am used to getting pushed from cross-winds – not an issue with the WAKE 6560. The ability to power up, even at high-speeds is amazing. Your ability to close gaps, increase speed or keep your position, is so much easier with this wheelset. The WAKE 6560 has the perfect combination: stiff (I am not a small rider – you won’t see me winning a hill-climb), responsive, and aero. The difference is immediately noticeable in headwinds and crosswinds.

    My recommendation is to sell your other over-priced wheelset and buy some free speed with the WAKE 6560. You will not be disappointed.

  16. Peter Stroble

    Do you want to ride faster than you’ve ever ridden before? If yes, look no further. I’ve been on them a week in various conditions – categorized alpine climbs, cross winds, rain, flat loops. I’m killing my old times and I’m dropping people who usually drop me. Riding these wheels is like floating on air, making you feel weightless and unstoppable. They effortlessly build speed and magically sustain momentum. Get disc if you can but don’t hesitate to go with the rim brake model if speed counts the most. Couldn’t be happier.

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